WowStack Development Update - Part #001

Wed Jan 25, 2017

These are roughly 900 words, you could read this in about 4 minutes.

The (re-)birth of a legacy - Vanilla World of Warcraft

WowStack development lay dormant for quite a while, mostly due to the fact that after switching jobs and moving to a new city - hello, Berlin! - my flat got robbed and all of my hardware was stolen.

To steal from Kael’thas Sunstrider, this was merely a setback! I’ve got new hardware, restored most of the lost things from backups and started out by wondering a lot what is wrong with Nostalrius and Elysium… seriously, grow up!

… behold the private… ahem … pirate servers, yarr!

Moving on, the conclusion for me was to do something that will actually be different from what everyone else does. Having been in the WoW development scene since November 2004 and always in love with vanilla WoW I felt that legacy realms provided by Blizzard Entertainment will never happen.

Having lost most of my past work it seemed to be a decent plan to not just be the next guy/team building on the past work on MaNGOS and its’ numerous forks (wink@Nostalrius/Elysium) and instead do something different.

… so what is the plan, guys?

With WoW emulation being older than a decade and using development practices from back then the decision was made to do something that many private servers have pretended but actually never done:

We are rebuilding WowStack from scratch. Crazy, right? Not so much, and here is a few good reasons why this is a decent plan:

Thus we are going to fix it. Having a modernized C++, tools such as Docker, CMake and all the build systems you might want to produce a slim, stable core.

Bonus features will include:

Our docker images used for builds are actually live on Docker Hub.

… so what will it be?

Good question, let me try to answer from a development perspective.

That is what we’re working on currently, tempest was completed yesterday and is undergoing testing, meshard is actively developed as of writing this post.

Future plans include

I would love to give you more but honestly at this point, it is just a crazy idea under development. More will follow, I promise!

If you want to talk about this or let me know what you want to see in a fresh start the most, ping me on twitter or feel free to ping WowStack.

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All code snippets in this post are made available to use under the MIT Licence.


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