Hi there. I am Daniel S. Reichenbach, the founder of MaNGOS your first Open Source World of Warcraft emulator, developer of mangos-zero focussing on vanilla WoW.

Recently I started to manage the newly founded WowStack project which aims to be a professional Open Source project to rebuild legacy World of Warcraft using modern technologies and methods.

I’ve spent the past twenty years working as developer in various companies and projects, and a few non-profit projects for the EU social fund. Outside my day job I’ve helped build a couple of businesses, and enjoy supporting and continuing to grow those. I generally work with PHP, C++, Go, OpenStack, KVM, Docker, Git and Linux and write a lot about my endavours.

These days I mostly work on big data / search related projects, using several technologies I really like.

If you’d like to discuss something or need any advice, please shoot me an email. I’m a nice guy (usually).