The Burning Crusade and upcoming changes

Jan 26, 2007 00:00 · 254 words · 2 minutes read gaming world of warcraft

It has been four months since I last have published posts, and this is soon going to change. I had written a few drafts to continue what I wrote (e.g. continued the quest for Onyxia attunement), but these will remain hidden for a while.

There are several news and changes to this site in the making, lots of work to do, since I had to stop being lazy. So what is going to happen to this blog?

First, the WordPress blog software has seen an upgrade to the WordPress 2.1 branch released a few days ago. The blog template has received some minor fixes to make both looks and functions friends once again. No troubles yet. Glad troll me is!

Second, I am working on a all new template, which resembles the Burning Crusade visual style a bit better. Blizzard has released a pretty well designed Flash-based site, introducing the Burning Crusade. I totally love the new looks, so I’ll adapt a bit of it for this site, too.

When a Panda Cub meets a Blood Elf girl, wonderful things can happen. Or we all just take a nap…

Third, I finally got myself into opening both my original World of Warcraft collector’s edition, and my Burning Crusade collector’s edition, and used the paid character transfer to move my trolls into the new account. I’ll probably keep the old non-CE account, you never know when a second account may come handy, don’t ya?

Fourth, here comes trouble… I was refusing to roll a blood elf, like ~ 4.5k people have done on EU-Moonglade, but well … resistance is futile, and only a short-living motion.

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