phpArmory 0.3.2 – “Giddyup!” released

Oct 2, 2008 00:00 · 312 words · 2 minutes read development world of warcraft

It has been a few months since my last updated release of phpArmory, and now a final release of the 0.3.x branch is available. phpArmory 0.3.2 – “Giddyup!” (named after the currently running event Brewfest) is out and silently introduces bug fixes to make things run smooth.

There has been a 0.3.1 release which never made it into the open, due to a last minute issue discovered during testing. The Changelog has all the details on what was changed in 0.3.1 and 0.3.2, and why it changed.

0.3.2 – Oct 02, 2008

Bugs squashed

  • phpArmory.class.php: Class will not be instantiated if the Curl or XML extension is missing from your PHP installation.
  • examples/character.php: Updated to use setArea. Properly dumps character data as XML. Please note that characterFetch() will now return the armory patchlevel, too.
  • examples/guildroster.php: Updated to use setArea. Properly dumps the full guild roster as plain table.

0.3.1 – Sep 28, 2008

Features added

  • Patchlevel detection*: getCurrentPatchlevel() will return the current patch version for the armory region you use.
  • Talent definitions: TalentDefinitionFetch() will retrieve talent definition for all classes from the World of Warcraft website.
  • WoW armory lockout prevention: with previous phpArmory versions, it could happen that your applications would be temporarily locked out from the armory. To prevent this, you can now limit the number of retries for XML pulling. To do this inherit your own classes by specifying the `$retries’ parameter with the number of retries to perform.

Features changed

  • *Armory region and locales: this has been simplified, to only supply a setArea function to define which armory region we use.


Enjoy the 0.3.2 release, and either grab or phparmory-0.3.2.tar.gz.

Please note that all PHP files are formatted with Unix line endings, as I am mostly a Linux / Mac geek.

Feel free to leave a comment if you should end up having trouble with the classes.

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