phpArmory – What features do you want to see?

Nov 28, 2008 00:00 · 275 words · 2 minutes read development world of warcraft

With phpArmory 0.4.1 released, I am currently investigating which features to add next. Thus it is your turn. Tell me what features you like, does the API work for you? Do you see anything that could be improved?

First, let us check what we currently have in store:

  • Characters: Retrieve full character details including stats, equipped items, skills, reputation, buffs,
  • Items: With complete stats, reagent details, related quests,
  • Guilds: List of members,
  • Caching: Caches results of requests to improve performance
  • Localisation: Results returned in the armory’s supported languages from localised servers.

This seems like the basics done. Personally I would love to add the following stuff:

  • Arena teams: it’s on the TODO list, and will be released after December 17th, 2008. Why? Because arena season 5 will start then, and only then I can get arena team data from the armory to test and implement this.
  • Searching: Query the armory for any kind of data.
  • Guild banks and calendars: You have guessed by the name, don’t you?

Searching is pretty simple to implement, as we can base upon getXmlData(..) and search for arena teams, characters, guilds, and items easily. We can even filter the results by any desired parameter.

Now when it comes to guild banks and calendars, things get a bit spooky. Both features can be implemented, but you would have to trust phpArmory to not do bad things with your account data, as the class would need to authenticate using your account data on the armory site in order to retrieve the guild bank contents, or your calendar.

Here is your chance, to influence future releases. Raise your voice, and share your thoughts.

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