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Nov 28, 2012 00:00 · 504 words · 3 minutes read blogging

Here we are, or better said: here I am. Keeping a blog where I talk about things that matter to me as a person, and as a developer has always been way too much for me. While I like working and developing code a lot, I sincerely dislike bragging about it, or even showing it off.

But times change, and so do human beings. It’s not like I want to brag about my development achievements but rather get them off my mind, and release stuff so that others my leverage my work.


Maximum WTF level reached.

Seriously! What is this thing here? It certainly is not WordPress or any other blogging software to begin with. Ever since I came across the blog of Kroc Camen and learned more about his Markdown like syntax ReMarkable I wanted to give it a shot, since the idea of focussing on just publishing content without loosing focus because of the added overhead of a blogging software on top.

Kroc kindly open sourced his blog, and ReMarkable on github, and thus I forked both projects here and here and added my own flavor on top.

Changes include a deployment recipe for Capistrano, a custom design, addition of a few default pages, and a changes to page cache while in development mode. I also extended ReMarkable to output extra classes for syntax highlighting with google code prettify.

Following the spirit of Kroc, you can also see the full source code for this blog without any restrictions! A template for Capistrano deployment is included, and you should be able to customize it for your own blog easily.


There will be code, silly things, opinionated talks, probably even slides to go further, and a few bits and pieces about family, raising children, and travelling around the world to learn more.

I have a strong belief in life being a long journey where one thrives by increasing knowledge and understanding of life, and humanity. Though I do have my doubts about human beings and their state of evolution being even close to something worthwhile.

Being a nerd, and active in development and system administration ever since I started working, it’s very likely that you will see posts on topics such as Linux, gcc, clang, Puppet, KVM, etc. There still is the gamer me, who surely will rant on, too – though I’m less of a gamer with my 35 years than I was with 25.

These days games usually tickle my sense for development, and while playing a game instead of just playing I tend to analyze how certain aspects of a game may be built, or probably should not be built. As such, I started work on a project I’ve not so cleverly dubbed Goblin Workshop which deals with the development of World of Warcraft.

I am looking forward to this whole blogging thing, and will try my best to post useful and amusing things as often as my spare time allows me to.

With kind regards,

Daniel S. Reichenbach

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