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Oct 5, 2008 00:00 · 315 words · 2 minutes read gaming world of warcraft

So you do play World of Warcraft and like to stay informed on the latest secrets, and updates? Then we probably have the site to feed your need.

WoW Insider is a giant blog with more authors that most guilds have members. They do feed all your information needs with daily updates and articles on almost every topic. Originally I found WoW Insider through a link in a blog comment, and ever since then I am reading new articles on WoW Insider in the evening.

Topics covered on WoW Insider

If you want to get overwhelmed, you can jump right into the Wow Insider Directory where you will find a list of all topics covered, including descriptions. Or you can take a look at my summary and decide later on, if you want to make the jump.

  • You regular dose of patch updates. Regular updates on content patches and expansion patches appear on WoW Insider, and occasionally you can even join WoW Insider on the Public Test Realms to explore new features with WoW Insider authors.
  • Roleplaying. Yes, I said the word. There is a regular column on WoW Insider supplying you with tips and hints for your own roleplaying experience in World of Warcraft. It is a worthy read most times, and from recent articles I consider the authors to take Roleplaying for what it is meant to be: fun.
  • Quest guides. We all know that World of Warcraft is a huge game, but did you know how many great quest lines are out there? WoW Insider has you covered.


WoW Insider is a well-written resource for every World of Warcraft player and has every topic covered, you might ever think about when playing WoW.

Personally I have turned into a frequent reader, and I would guess – if you are no reader already – you will soon become a regular visitor, too.

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