Going PvE: macros to ease your playtime

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So you want to play a PvE setup for your multiboxing team? Then I might have a few tips, to get you started. After all, multiboxing is about character management and the way to achieve this in WoW is addons and macros.

General macros

The following macros can be used for all classes, and only serve a purpose out of combat. It is not required to have these on any keybindings. You might want to put them on an actionbar for less used stuff, e.g. bar 5.

Consume conjured food and water

/use [nocombat] (name of conjured food)
/use [nocombat] (name of conjured water)


This macro will use the group leader’s target and assign focus to it.

/assist party1

In order to clear the focus, the following macro is required, too.

/clearfocus [targetfocus, dead]


The following macro will mount a character using either a land mount or a flight mount, depending on the zone a character is in. If the zone allows flying mounts, the macro will always use the flying mount, otherwise the land mount.

If you are currently mounted, you will be dismounted.

/cast [outdoors,nomounted,flyable] (name of flying mount)
/cast [outdoors,nomounted] (name of land mount)
/dismount [mounted]

Spell casting

The following macro can be used to assist the group leader, and assist him in order to attack his target.

/target [targetparty1,nodead]
/cast [exists,harm,nodead] (spell name)

Class specific macros

The following macros will only work for specific classes, and some might need a counterpart on another character.

Mage macros

Conjure / Consume food and water

/use [nocombat] (name of conjured food)
/use [nocombat] (name of conjured water)
/use [combat] (name of conjured mana gem)
/cast [mod:ctrl] Conjure Food
/cast [mod:alt] Conjure Water
/cast [mod:shift] (name of Conjure Mana Gem)

Polymorph focus

This macro will sheep the current focus.

#showtooltip Polymorph
/cast [targetfocus] Polymorph

Portal creation

This macro allows an Alliance mage to cast any portal to the Alliance towns with just one key. It uses modifiers in order to select the actual portal to be used.

/cast Portal: Exodar
/cast [mod:lshift] Portal: Ironforge
/cast [mod:lalt] Portal: Stormwind
/cast [mod:lctrl] Portal: Darnassus
/cast [mod:ralt] Portal: Shattrath


This macro allows an Alliance mage to teleport to the Alliance towns with just one key. It uses modifiers in order to select the actual teleport to be used.

/cast Teleport: Exodar
/cast [mod:lshift] Teleport: Ironforge
/cast [mod:lalt] Teleport: Stormwind
/cast [mod:lctrl] Teleport: Darnassus
/cast [mod:ralt] Teleport: Shattrath

Paladin macros

Divine Intervention

This macro will cycle through a list of characters which are alive and friendly, and will cast Divine Intervention on the first target that fulfills these two conditions, in order to save a class with a resurrection spell.

#showtooltip Divine Intervention
/cast [targetBrista,help,nodead][targetPriswa,help,nodead] Divine Intervention

Righteous Defense

One little secret that while in a regular group (not raid) the [raid] returns true for your group members but NOT for you. This way you will never try to cast Blessing of Protection on yourself. If the mob targets you, the macro will do nothing.

The castsequence effectively gives you a “backup” taunt. If your first one gets resisted or you need to re-taunt before the cooldown is up it will use Blessing of Protection.

#showtooltip Righteous Defense
/castsequence [targettargettarget,help,raid] reset15 Righteous Defense,Blessing of Protection

Priest macros

Multi-purpose healing / debuffing

/cast [modifier:lctrl, targetparty1, exists,party,nodead] Renew; [modifier:lshift, targetparty1, exists,party,nodead] Flash Heal; [modifier:rctrl, targetparty1, exists,party,nodead] Resurrection; [targetparty1, exists,party,nodead] Heal

Shackle focus

This macro will shackle the current focus.

/cast [targetfocus] Shackle Undead

Shaman macros


Repeatedly executing this macro will stomp the listed totems one by one. If you wait longer than 7 seconds, the macro will reset and start from zero with the first totem listed.

/castsequence [nomod] reset7 Healing Stream Totem,Strength of Earth Totem,Windfury Totem,Searing Totem
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