WoW Armory plugin progress

Apr 25, 2008 00:00 · 281 words · 2 minutes read development world of warcraft

Yesterday I posted a few bits and pieces about connecting a WordPress blog with the World of Warcraft armory, promising more details, and here they are. I have worked on a few items and finished up the administrative side of the plugin.

As pictures speak louder than words here is a screenshot of the current option panel for the armory plugin in WordPress.

WoW Armory plugin options

Currently you can choose which armory you want to fetch data from. This – for now – is restricted to the US armory and the EU armory, with a few languages supported (English, German, French, and Spanish). Additionally you can choose if you want to allow armory links inside post, pages, and comments. E.g. you could allow links only in your own content, but not in user created comments.

Finally, there is working support for caching armory data in XML files. These will be saved into a folder inside the armory plugin. I plan to extend this to support your WordPress database, but this needs a few additional lines of PHP code.

Speaking of PHP, I have decided to base my plugin on an existing PHP class library named phpArmory. Library development sadly has slowed down in the last few months but I managed to fix all features that did not work, so the library now is fully aware of any locale the armory supports, and can fetch characters, guilds, and items without any errors. Caching with file and database backends has been tested and works. Cheers for me. I will upload the fixed phpArmory class once I have this plugin displaying tooltips on this site.

Expect more details and a 0.1 release within the next few hours.

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