WoW armory plugin refined

Apr 30, 2008 00:00 · 219 words · 2 minutes read development world of warcraft

I know it’s just plain old teasing, but hey … here you go. The WoW armory plugin has received a lot of heavy lifting during this weekend and now sports a plugin administration which perfectly fits into the default administrative interface included in WordPress 2.5 and newer.

Refined configuration dialog

As you can see the plugin will now tell you if your hosting servers’ PHP installation is capable of pulling data from the armory, and will show a pleasant status message on the options page. Other notable changes include the removal of the cache options. Why? We have WordPress, thus we have a database. What for would you want a file cache? Plus file caching comes with the need to set file permissions to allow your hosting server storing cache files. Potential security risks shall be avoided.

Nothing else to see. If you run WordPress in debug mode, you will notice the armory plugin also has one. Be warned, the armory plugin will parse all (did I say all? Thats 30k items) and cache their data and tooltips in your WordPress database. This will take some time. Most likely ten to fifteen minutes.

My local item cache now contains 23222 (valid aka. real) items and is taking 17.8MB of disk space. Of course, all data saved as serialised XML data in MySQL.

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